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The quest was to conquer the tallest mountain in Ghana. – Volta Road Trip 1.0

The quest was to conquer the tallest mountain in Ghana. - Volta Road Trip 1.0
The quest was to conquer the tallest mountain in Ghana.Volta Road Trip 1.0


It was a very fun yet adventurous road trip to the Volta Region as the dirt built during the ascension was washed off below the highest waterfall in West Africa, Wli falls in a tour curated by Ghana is Beautiful led by Fredrick Kofi Deladem Dro.


It started with a simple tweet on Thursday, May 26th. Joy FM’s Kenneth Awotwe Darko on that fateful day, casually posted on the social media platform that about how much a tour in the Volta region would mean to him.

As lead tour curator for Ghana is Beautiful, I chanced on this tweet during my scroll down the timeline and decided to make his wish a reality.Other tweeps had also expressed similar interests under his post and it was only right that I used my skills to bring their hopes alive.

Fast forward, an itinerary was drawn and flyers were designed to call on others to join what would become one of the most adventurous road trip many have witnessed yet. 

After weeks of advertising, Volta Road Trip was officially sold out. 

On Saturday, June 26th came, participants started gathering at the Accra Mall waiting to board and hit the road to the first stop for breakfast, the Adomi Bridge Gardens, Atimpoku.

A little after 5:00am, the van moved. Under-toned conversations, loud laughter and soft music led us to Adomi Bridge Gardens. Breakfast tables were fast set whiles other took time to play some games and view animals kept in the park. Adomi Bridge Garden has a python, some turtles, monkeys, crocodiles and other animals in and around the lake.

A quick breakfast it was. Assorted beverages and some light snacks coupled with a breathtaking view of the ladmark bridge overlooking the beautiful Volta Lake.

Right after breakfast, participants walked across the Adomi Bridge to have an experience of life on the bridge as they captured some priceless moments as speed boats sped past underneath us.

The fun drive continued to the information center of Afadjato. Quickly, they changed into comfortable attire and ready to conquer the 885m mountain.

The climb began on a very solemn note until the energetic young men and women started palpitation. Determined as they were, after multiple rest stops and slow motions, they finally arrived on the peak of Afadjato full of cheers and excitement.

“This view is crazy. I can see Togo from here,” Nenebi, one of the participants exclaimed to Joy FM producer, Abeiku Sankrofi.

I was surprised to see Nasiba get to the top as well together with Fiifi Folson, Joseph Adamafio and Felix Debiase.

Some sat on the floor, while Isaac and Richmond stretched as if they had enough capacity left for Everest.

The elation was somewhat short-lived as there was another hurdle to cross, descending the mountain. Although less tiring as the climb, the challenge was preventing falling and rolling down the steep slope of the mountain.

Needless to say, Kenneth fell couple of times though and got stuck on some ropes trying to emulate the climbing skills of a rather agile tour guide who happens to be a striker for his  High School football team.

Ama Cromwell laughed but eventually tripped and hit her bottom a few meters later. I had the last laugh in all of this because after multiple tour curations, I kind of knew my way around.

Slowly, we all came down the mountain requesting for some snacks to regain the energies lost. They had some pie with some fruit juices to balance. 

Matilda was already waiting for us downhill. She didn’t have enough will to go beyond the first 200 meters of the climb.

Nii Larte Lartey munched on his share of snacks in exhaustion like his life depended on it as our bus exited the information centre.

All got on board enroute Wli Waterfall where lunch made up of live grills and Jollof would be served.

After some 15 minute-drive, here they are, at Wli Waterfall, but a bit of a hike to the actual falls. Hurriedly, the hike started.

Soon, there it was, the 80 meters fall with a huge pool of water gathered under it. 

Shocked at nature, my team changed into their swimming wear and indulge in the fall.

Seeing that it was a rainy season, the current of water flowing down the rocks was a string and almost violent one.

It took grits and adrenaline rush to face the splashes created when the water hits as the boys attacked it like another episode of Fear Factor.

It was nerve-racking to watch amid the rainbow that formed above all the activity.

Fire was set and the already spiced meat was set on the grills. It was a feast, a feast at and with nature. An experience worth a lifetime. 

Per the itinerary, the next stop was Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary, but it was decided unanimously to forgo that and have some more time at Wli. 

A few minutes past 5pm, the return hike was due. All hands joined to clean up the plastic and other mess created. 

On the return drive, it was all musical singalongs and multiple security check points. 

It got dark, some rains had fallen and just some few minutes after 10pm, we were back at the Accra Mall boarding point. 

Goodbyes were said and bye it was.

After the guys shared their fondest memories of the trip on the internet, the next date is set.

It’s the last adventure to climax the Volta Road Trip series; it is the Keta Expedition this time and it is scheduled for August 27, 2022.

Ghana is Beautiful is a domestic tour curating company. Contact them via (+233) 0505500220 

Source: Fredrick Kofi Deladem Dro (Talking GH)

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