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5 helpful tips you should know before traveling to Ghana

5 helpful tips you should know before traveling to Ghana
5 helpful tips you should know before traveling to Ghana

Travelers have plenty to look forward to on a trip to the ever welcoming and culturally rich West African country Ghana.

The country’s exciting history, vibrant clothing prints and flavorful dishes are attractive to first-time visitors and keep people coming back even for more.
The warm-hearted and welcoming citizens makes Ghana one of the most friendliest destination in West Africa.

Navigating your way through Ghana can be tricky as a first timer or a returning visitor.
Here are 5 things you need to know to make your memorable trip to Ghana.


1. Learn some few local phrases in Twi and other local dialects. English is widely spoken nationwide as it is the official language of Ghana but also, many locals prefer to communicate in their local dialect. Hence, learning simple phrases will be necessary. Twi most importantly because it is the most popular local dialect in Ghana. Phrases like Akwaaba which means welcome in Twi. And Maakye which also means Good morning in Twi.

2. Limit the use of your left hand. Almost everything in Ghana is done with the right hand. Eating, greeting, waving, passing an item to someone and many more. Using the left hand is culturally disrespectful. Someone might hold a grudge with you because you passed the tissue with a left hand. Just forget you have a left hand whiles you enjoy your time in Ghana.

3. Learn how to eat with your hands. Even at the most plush restaurants, hands are the first go-to to eating delicious Ghanaian meals. Ghanaian dishes like Banku, Fufu, Kenkey and other starchy foods are paired with soups and must be eaten with the hands, the right hand. Even cereal meals like Jollof and Waakye are most enjoyable when eaten with the hands. Maybe they add special flavors.

4. Keep your thumbs down – in all your doings, avoid raising your thumbs. Arguably the most popular insult in Ghana is by raising your things and pointing it to someone. Yes! Thumbs up is not a Ghanaian thing, it is an insult here. To avoid having to apologize all through, keep the thumbs down.

5. Be ready to make friends with ease. Ghanaians are very welcoming in nature and always try to be of help and tend to become easy-friend-makers. Just be watchful and vigilant with how much space you allow them to access.

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