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[VIDEO] Nigeria Police Force Completes Autopsy for Deceased Musician Mohbad

Nigeria Police Force Completes Autopsy for Deceased Musician Mohbad
Nigeria Police Force Completes Autopsy for Deceased Musician Mohbad


In a significant development in the ongoing investigation into the untimely demise of Nigerian music sensation Ilerioluwa Aloba, known by his stage name Mohbad, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has announced the completion of the autopsy procedure. This revelation comes after days of nationwide demand for transparency and justice surrounding the tragic incident.

In a concise statement posted on the NPF’s official communication channel, formerly known as Twitter, on the evening of Thursday, September 21, 2023, the police assured the public that they are committed to shedding light on the circumstances of Mohbad’s passing. The statement read, “Mohbad: Autopsy Update. The Nigeria Police Force wishes to inform the public that the autopsy procedure for Mr. Mohbad has been successfully completed. Further information will be provided as soon as the results are available.”

This announcement follows the exhumation of Mohbad’s body by the Nigerian police earlier in the day, signaling a significant stride towards unraveling the mystery surrounding the young artist’s demise.

Mohbad, a promising music talent, passed away on September 12, 2023, sending shockwaves throughout the Nigerian music industry and the entire nation. What raised eyebrows was the swift burial of the artist on the following day, a departure from the customary rites usually afforded to deceased celebrities of his stature.

In the aftermath of Mohbad’s tragic passing, compelling videos emerged on the internet, shedding light on the alleged harassment and mistreatment he endured during his association with his former record label. These revelations naturally led to suspicions of foul play in the artist’s demise. One of the most striking videos featured Mohbad himself, publicly stating that Nigerians should hold his former boss, Naira Marley, accountable if he were to meet an untimely end.

In response to the mounting public pressure and calls for transparency, the late singer’s father, Joseph Aloba, explained that the quick burial was in accordance with Yoruba customs. Nevertheless, Nigerians, fueled by a collective desire for answers, insisted on an autopsy and a thorough investigation to ascertain the exact cause of Mohbad’s death.

In light of these circumstances, the Nigerian police promptly assembled an investigative team tasked with uncovering the truth behind the tragic incident. The completion of the autopsy marks a significant step forward in this endeavor, offering hope to Mohbad’s grieving fans and those demanding justice.

As the nation awaits the release of the autopsy results, the public’s attention remains fixed on this case, with the expectation that it will bring closure to the mystery surrounding the demise of the young music sensation, Mohbad.

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