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VGMA Not Our Priority, Winning Souls Is” – Daughters of Glorious Jesus

In a recent interview on Joy Prime TV, Daughters of Glorious Jesus made a striking announcement, revealing their decision to abstain from participating in the prestigious Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA). they also made it clear that they cited their unwavering dedication to their spiritual calling as the primary reason for their decision.

According to Daughters of Glorious Jesus , who spoke to host Roselyn Felli, their primary focus lies in spreading the message of faith and winning souls through their music. They emphasized that their mission transcends mere recognition or accolades, and they are committed to remaining steadfast in their spiritual journey.

“We’re not interested in picking forms for the VGMA because we are more focused on winning souls than the awards. Our calling is a unique one, and we don’t want to be distracted or deviate,” they explained to Felli during the interview.

This decision underscores the deep-rooted convictions and priorities of the gospel music group, aligning with the core principles of their faith. For them, the ultimate measure of success lies not in the number of awards they receive but in the impact they make on the lives of their listeners.

The VGMA is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious music awards ceremonies in Ghana, honoring outstanding achievements in the music industry across various genres. However, for this particular group, participation in such events is not a priority compared to fulfilling their spiritual mandate.

Their stance serves as a poignant reminder of the diverse motivations and goals within the music industry, reflecting the multifaceted nature of artistry and its significance beyond mere entertainment. While some artists may prioritize fame and recognition, others, like this gospel music group, prioritize spiritual fulfillment and the greater good.

In declining participation in the VGMA, the Daughters of Glorious Jesus reaffirms their commitment to their calling and sends a powerful message about the deeper purpose of their music. By choosing to remain true to their beliefs and convictions, they exemplify integrity and dedication, qualities that resonate far beyond the realm of music awards.

As their music continues to touch the hearts and souls of listeners, it becomes evident that their impact transcends the confines of any awards ceremony. Their decision serves as a testament to the power of faith and the enduring influence of music in spreading messages of hope, love, and spiritual enlightenment.

In a world often preoccupied with material success and external validation, Renowned all-female gospel music group’s decision to prioritize their spiritual mission over awards sets a profound example for artists and audiences alike. It reminds us all to remain true to our beliefs, pursue our passions with sincerity, and never lose sight of the deeper purpose behind our endeavors.

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