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All You Need To Know About Badminton Sport

Badminton is an indoor Sport

  1. It is vying on a rectangle court measure forty-four feet x seventeen feet (13.4 x 5.18 meters) for a singles match (one player per side).
  2. The net is concerning five feet (1.5 meters) and stretches across the middle of the court.
  3. The court is then divided on either side by a line, six feet six inches (1.98 meters) from the cyber web for each single and doubles, with a new extensive line, 2 feet six inches from the rear boundary.


The Equipment for Badminton

  1. Each player incorporates a racket and therefore the game vies with a shuttlecock, typically known as a birdie.
  2. The birdie is formed sort of a cone and moves abundantly slower through the air than a ball.



  1. A point is scored once the birdie hits the ground on the opponent’s aspect, despite WHO is serving.
  2. The first team to achieve twenty-one points wins the sport. However, the winning team should win by 2 points.
  3. In the case of a tie (20 points each), the primary team to reach2 further points is that the winner.


The Basic Rules of court game

  1. No player is allowed to the touch cyber web with their body or their racket at any time.
  2. The birdie must not hit the ground. The birdie must not come back to rest on any player’s racket at any time.
  3. The birdie must not land outside the boundary lines of the court.
  4. The birdie must not hit the ceiling.
  5. When serving, the birdie ought to be hit from below the waist in AN dishonest motion.

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